PulseVU 2 in Wii with XCM II-Case

We had the opportunity to test a Crystal Blue II-Case from XCM, which is a complete, high quality replacement shell for the Wii. It has pre-installed LEDs which light up the DVD drive and rear of the console. The LEDs look great shining through the translucent case, but how could we make them look even better?

We connected the LEDs to our PulseVU 2 chip to pulse them with the music/sound effects of the Wii! You can find our install guide to do this to your own Wii here. Have a look at the video to see just what the PulseVU 2 and XCM II-Case can do!

In other news, we have also added an install guide for the PulseVU 2 in a Nintendo DS.

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