The PulseVU 2 & Fader are here!!!

After much hard work of cramming as many features as we could into our products and taking into account all of your feedback, we are very proud to announce that the PulseVU 2, PulseVU 2X, SICKmods Fader, and Power Extender are now available!

The PulseVU 2 is the successor to our PulseVU for Wii, which pulses the Wii's lightbar with the audio coming from the console and can also fade your LEDs. The PulseVU 2 series now has 17 unique modes which let you set your LEDs to be in VU mode, fading, solid on, dim, or off. There is no more difficult MP point for the Wii install and it can now operate even if you have WiiConnect24 disabled.

The PulseVU 2X replaces the PulseVU for Xbox360 and combines the best capabilities of the PulseVU 2 and the SICKmods Fader, allowing it to pulse and fade your Xbox360's Ring of Light and also up to 150+ LEDs! Both the PulseVU 2 & 2X now have the ability to calibrate to the audio coming from nearly any device, so they can be installed in practically any console, PC, or anything with a 3V-5V voltage source.

The SICKmods Fader is the successor to the LED Fader 360 and is incredibly small, to fit even in the tight spaces of handheld devices. It also is universal, fading up to 10 LEDs by default and working with the Xbox360's Ring of Light. It has 15 unique modes to fade your LEDs or set them to be solid on, dim, or off. The mode changing for all of the new devices are now much quicker with a new mode swap feature and there is a quick disable feature allowing you to quickly turn the device off and then back on to the mode you had it on last.

Our new Power Extender gives you the ability to connect as many LEDs to the PulseVU or Fader as your power supply can handle. Each Power Extender can handle up to 3Amps, which is 150 20mA LEDs in parallel. Multiple boards can be linked together to power more LEDs.

If you have any questions about these new products, you may comment in our forums. Thank you for your patience while we developed these products and happy modding! We can't wait to see the creations our talented SICKmods fans will come up with this time!

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