Yes, it's true; we've been working on a new PulseVU.

Manufacturing has begun on what will be the PulseVU 2 and PulseVU 2X!

The PulseVU 2 will replace the PulseVU for Wii, so it will work with the lightbar, and can also be used as a general PulseVU, working on practically any device, supporting up to 10 LEDs.

The PulseVU 2X replaces the PulseVU for Xbox360, and can now also control the Ring of Light on the 360! This version can also be used as a general PulseVU in most consoles, and also features the ability to power around 150 LEDs. That's a LOT of LEDs!

Not enough power you say? Well, we're also introducing the SICKmods Power Extender, which will add another 3Amps (~150 LEDs) of power to both the PulseVU 2 and 2X. Still not enough power?? Add more Power Extenders! As long as the power supply (or supplies) can handle the power, you can keep adding Extenders to connect LEDs to the PulseVU 2 lineup.

More details about their features will be released closer to their arrival. Thank you for your continued patience while we work to bring you our best products.

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