ATX to Xbox Converter 2

We have now completed production of the new ATX to XBOX Converter 2. We have also replenished our stock of XERC 2 XE. Both products will be available for ordering on Monday, Sept. 1 and will begin shipping Sept. 8.

The ATX to XBOX Converter 2 features several new features and improvements. This device will convert any ATX power supply to work with an Xbox1 motherboard (versions 1.0-1.5). The main improvement to this PSU Converter is the addition of holes which you can connect each of your connectors to. Since the ATX layout differs from the Xbox layout, this eliminates the hassle of re-wiring each wire individually to switch its location. You may simply solder the connectors to each side, or buy it with the connectors pre-installed, and the Converter will be plug-and-play. We have also added three red LEDs, which will aid in troubleshooting, should there be a problem with your power supply or in the wiring.

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