ATX to Xbox Converter 2

Our ATX to Xbox Converter 2 has been restocked. This is a popular device for case-modders or people looking to use their Xbox in a vehicle. It will allow for an ATX power supply to power your Xbox, rather than the original Xbox power supply. This is especially useful for installing your Xbox in a PC case or using 12V from a vehicle to power it.

Purchase today from our shop.

Our ATX Extenders, which are an optional addition to avoid splicing into your power supply, will be restocked soon.



XERC 2 XE In Stock

Our XERC 2 XE has been restocked. This device allows you to turn your Xbox1 on and off with your remote.

Visit the SICKmods Shop



PulseVU 2 Recall

We have discovered a manufacturing fault affecting a limited batch of our PulseVU 2 devices. This does not affect the PulseVU 2X. The problem affects the ability to switch modes. If you have purchased a PulseVU 2 between August, 2008 and March, 2009, and are unable to switch modes or are experiencing problems with SW pad, you may contact us with your order number and we will provide you with instructions for returning your PulseVU 2 for repair. We apologize for this inconvenience.

This problem has since been resolved and all units shipping now are not affected by this problem.



ATX to Xbox Converter 2 Now Available

Our new ATX to Xbox Converter 2 is now available in our shop:

View the install guide:



ATX to Xbox Converter 2

We have now completed production of the new ATX to XBOX Converter 2. We have also replenished our stock of XERC 2 XE. Both products will be available for ordering on Monday, Sept. 1 and will begin shipping Sept. 8.

The ATX to XBOX Converter 2 features several new features and improvements. This device will convert any ATX power supply to work with an Xbox1 motherboard (versions 1.0-1.5). The main improvement to this PSU Converter is the addition of holes which you can connect each of your connectors to. Since the ATX layout differs from the Xbox layout, this eliminates the hassle of re-wiring each wire individually to switch its location. You may simply solder the connectors to each side, or buy it with the connectors pre-installed, and the Converter will be plug-and-play. We have also added three red LEDs, which will aid in troubleshooting, should there be a problem with your power supply or in the wiring.



PSU Converter and XERC in production

Our ATX to Xbox PSU Converter and XERC 2 XE are currently sold out, but more are in production. The PSU Converter has been redesigned and will have some new features. We expect both items to be back in stock in approximately 6 weeks. More details will be announced as it gets closer to the release date. Until then, we invite you to join our announcement list to be notified by e-mail when the products arrive.



Happy New Year!

Thank you to all for a wonderful year. We had a great time creating new products to make your casemods even better and launched the SICKmods DIY and Forums, which were merged over from the former

We hope you feel the same way and would like to encourage those of you who placed an order from our shop to leave feedback. For Xbox-scene members, we have created a forum thread that you can leave your feedback here. For all customers, we also have a account which you can leave feedback at here.

In January now, our shop will be temporarily closed from Jan 3 - Jan 10 and again from Jan 27 - Feb 5. We apologize for these closings, but stick with us for a great 2008!



@*#$ The Warranty!

Today, November 19th, marks the 1 year anniversary of the Wii’s first launch. This means your 1-year warranty on the Wii is expired, so you have no more excuses not to open up and mod your console! That means this is also the last day of Nintendo-Scene and @*#$! The Warranty Sweepstakes. Just post a picture of your modified Nintendo console, or have a friend post a picture of theirs and you could win one of five PulseVU 2s from The thread will be locked at midnight EST and the winners will be announced tomorrow!

To celebrate the 1 year anniversary of the Wii and the end of the Sweepstakes, we are also offering 10% off all purchases in the SICKmods Shop from now until Midnight on “Black Friday” (November 23rd). Just use voucher code: 093171516 when checking out. So even if you don’t win a PulseVU 2 you’ll be able to buy one at a nice discount so you can deck your console for the holidays.

Link to the sweepstakes forum thread:



@$#&! The Warranty LIGHTNING ROUND!


The @$#&! The Warranty Sweepstakes presented by Nintendo-Scene and ends in 1 week. To spice things up in the last week we’re ADDING A NEW RULE!

From now until the the end of the competition we want you to get as many people involved as possible. If you tell a friend about the sweepstakes and they enter and write your Nintendo-Scene forum username as the referrer*… you will get an extra chance to win a PulseVU 2 from!

There is no limit to the number of people you can get involved: get 10 friends to enter and you’ll get 10 extra chances, get 20 friends to enter and you’ll get 20 extra chances, etc.

So spread the word and improve your chances to win!

* Only 1 referrer per new entrant. Only the first will be counted if multiple names are listed. Only correct and complete usernames will count.



PulseVU 2 in Wii with XCM II-Case

We had the opportunity to test a Crystal Blue II-Case from XCM, which is a complete, high quality replacement shell for the Wii. It has pre-installed LEDs which light up the DVD drive and rear of the console. The LEDs look great shining through the translucent case, but how could we make them look even better?

We connected the LEDs to our PulseVU 2 chip to pulse them with the music/sound effects of the Wii! You can find our install guide to do this to your own Wii here. Have a look at the video to see just what the PulseVU 2 and XCM II-Case can do!

In other news, we have also added an install guide for the PulseVU 2 in a Nintendo DS on the PulseVU install page.

The PulseVU 2 can be purchased in our shop.
The XCM II-Case can be purchased from one of their resellers.



The PulseVU 2 & Fader are here!!!

After much hard work of cramming as many features as we could into our products and taking into account all of your feedback, we are very proud to announce that the PulseVU 2, PulseVU 2X, SICKmods Fader, and Power Extender are now available!

The PulseVU 2 is the successor to our PulseVU for Wii, which pulses the Wii's lightbar with the audio coming from the console and can also fade your LEDs. The PulseVU 2 series now has 17 unique modes which let you set your LEDs to be in VU mode, fading, solid on, dim, or off. There is no more difficult MP point for the Wii install and it can now operate even if you have WiiConnect24 disabled.

The PulseVU 2X replaces the PulseVU for Xbox360 and combines the best capabilities of the PulseVU 2 and the SICKmods Fader, allowing it to pulse and fade your Xbox360's Ring of Light and also up to 150+ LEDs! Both the PulseVU 2 & 2X now have the ability to calibrate to the audio coming from nearly any device, so they can be installed in practically any console, PC, or anything with a 3V-5V voltage source.

The SICKmods Fader is the successor to the LED Fader 360 and is incredibly small, to fit even in the tight spaces of handheld devices. It also is universal, fading up to 10 LEDs by default and working with the Xbox360's Ring of Light. It has 15 unique modes to fade your LEDs or set them to be solid on, dim, or off. The mode changing for all of the new devices are now much quicker with a new mode swap feature and there is a quick disable feature allowing you to quickly turn the device off and then back on to the mode you had it on last.

Our new Power Extender gives you the ability to connect as many LEDs to the PulseVU or Fader as your power supply can handle. Each Power Extender can handle up to 3Amps, which is 150 20mA LEDs in parallel. Multiple boards can be linked together to power more LEDs.

If you have any questions about these new products, you may comment in our forums. Thank you for your patience while we developed these products and happy modding! We can't wait to see the creations our talented SICKmods fans will come up with this time!

Related Links:
Buy now at:



@*#$! The Warranty Sweepstakes

SICKmods is sponsoring the @*#$! The Warranty Sweepstakes, presented by our favorite Nintendo-related website, Nintendo-Scene. To enter, all you have to do is make a post in the Nintendo-Scene forums with a picture or video of your modded Nintendo console with the words "Nintendo-Scene" somewhere in the picture or video. There will be 5 winners chosen at random from the entries and each will receive a new PulseVU 2! Nintendo-Scene will also be choosing some of the coolest and most creative entries and featuring them on the front page. The contest ends November 19th, so get your entries in!

Official rules and details:
Post your entries here.




Yes, it's true; we've been working on a new PulseVU.

Manufacturing has begun on what will be the PulseVU 2 and PulseVU 2X!

The PulseVU 2 will replace the PulseVU for Wii, so it will work with the lightbar, and can also be used as a general PulseVU, working on practically any device, supporting up to 10 LEDs.

The PulseVU 2X replaces the PulseVU for Xbox360, and can now also control the Ring of Light on the 360! This version can also be used as a general PulseVU in most consoles, and also features the ability to power around 150 LEDs. That's a LOT of LEDs!

Not enough power you say? Well, we're also introducing the SICKmods Power Extender, which will add another 3Amps (~150 LEDs) of power to both the PulseVU 2 and 2X. Still not enough power?? Add more Power Extenders! As long as the power supply (or supplies) can handle the power, you can keep adding Extenders to connect LEDs to the PulseVU 2 lineup.

More details about their features will be released closer to their arrival. Thank you for your continued patience while we work to bring you our best products.



XERC Xbox with over 200 LEDs

Take a look at this incredible Xbox created by fellow SICKmods fan bdan629. He wired up over 200 LEDs throughout his crystal Xbox and animated them all by connecting them to our XERC CME SE. The XERC CME allows you to remotely control the different chasing modes, speed, and direction, as well as to blink the LEDs with the music. To power them all, he also had to create an external power supply and modify the CME to handle all those LEDs.

See his forum post for more information and pictures.



Shop Open!

Thanks for your patience. Did you miss us? The SICKmods Shop is open again and you'll be happy to know we have no plans for any more closings anytime soon.



Shop Temporarily Closing Again

We regret to tell you that the SICKmods shop will be taking a short break again. The shop will be closed for the following two weeks. The last day to place your orders is July 10 and the shop will re-open July 25. For international orders, there is no need to purchase priority processing, as all orders will be shipped out July 11. For all orders, e-check is not recommended, as it will delay your order.

There is some good news though! We are currently prototyping new versions of our LED Fader 360 and PulseVU. We have sent out a few beta versions, which have received a great response. Sorry for these products being sold out, but we figure it's best to delay the release and deliver a solid product. There will be more information about these after the shop re-opens. Thank you for your continued patience and have a great summer!

Update: The shop is now closed. If you wish to receive a notification when we re-open, you can join our announcement list. We apologize for the inconvenience.



SICKmods Shop Open

Thank you for your patience while we took some time off.
The SICKmods Shop is now open.

Shop now at



SICKmods Shop Temporarily Closed

Our shop will be temporarily closed starting Sunday night, May 20th. We will re-open Thursday, June 14th. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

If you want to be reminded when we re-open, you can join our announcement list. Thanks for your patience and have a good early-summer!



SICKmods' DIY Site!

We've added a new section here at sickmods: DIY.
Here you will find all information about all our products as well as some informative tutorials and resources. Those of you who know our products will recognize this as a move to consolidate all information from to this site.
Go take a look! You'll want to bookmark this site as it contains some very helpful information not found anywhere else. And if you've written a tutorial that you think would fit, let us know! We'll try to keep expanding to offer the most helpful resources for case/hardware modding your console.

You will also notice we've done some re-designing and shuffling around here. All urls now have a cleaner structure than before. The old links should still work, but please update your bookmarks to reflect the new url scheming. That being said, if you run across a dead link or anything that isn't working right, please don't hesitate to let us know.
You can discuss these updates in our forums.



XERC 2 XE In Stock

The XERC 2 XE is back in stock after being sold out for a short while. You can purchase our popular IR-mod in our shop.



XERC CME SE Now Available!

The CME (Case Modder's Edition) version of our XERC was designed to add advanced LED chasers that are controlled via the remote. It is offered in 3 versions: the C5, C6, and C7. These numbers refer to the number of ports used in the chaser sequences.

There are a total of 11 different modes that the "H" ports can be set to (10 for C5), including VU, strobe, chase, and many others. It comes pre-configured to work with the Xbox360 remote, but can be reconfigured at any time to work with several other types of remotes.

See even more features, install guides/manuals, and a video of it in action at


Click here to visit our shop.



PulseVU in an Xbox360

Fellow SICKmods fan, Bdan629, took this video of his PulseVU installed in a 360. He used the X-cut case and modified it to work for this purpose. Normally this case is meant for 12V, which is not available in standby, so he replaced all 25 resistors with 470 ohm 0805 SMD resistors and used 5V instead, so it could be powered in standby.

He also took this video showing some of the other modes. Nice work!

You can discuss this and see more pics in our forums.



SICKmods Forums

We have just moved our support forums from to to help consolidate things. Your login info and everything is still functional. Please update your bookmarks.

If you've never visited our forums, come on by, post your mods using our products, or ask some questions!



Resistor Calculator

Our resistor calculator has just undergone a redesign, moving from the flash app to AJAX.

Take a look at
(Or use our advanced version found here.)



PulseVU for Xbox & Xbox360

The PulseVU, previously available for the Wii, is now available in Xbox & Xbox360 versions with even more features. This device pulses any LEDs you connect to it with the beat of the music coming from your Xbox. In v1.6 Xboxes and in the Xbox360, it also has the ability to fade your LEDs when the system is off. It can easily be turned off without adding a switch and can cycle through its 10 different modes at anytime.        

You can find more information and install directions at

You can purchase the PulseVU now in our shop.



XERC 2 XE Sold Out

Well, it looks as though we underestimated the great response of the XERC as it has just sold out. Don't worry though, more are being manufactured and we will restock them as soon as possible.

UPDATE: The estimated time of arrival for the XERC 2 XE stock is April 5.




The latest update to the XERC family is now for sale - the XERC 2 XE. This version includes a diode onboard so you can directly connect the MS DVD Kit dongle to the XERC to share the same IR receiver.

If you are unfamiliar with the XERC, it is a small device which allows you to turn your Xbox on and off with your remote. It also allows you to eject and emulate long and short power presses, to enter different boot modes if you have a modchip installed. The MS DVD Kit dongle can be internally hardwired to share the same IR receiver as the XERC 2 XE.

The XERC can be configured to work with many different remotes, and you can change the button setup at any time without opening your Xbox. It also includes a bonus LED Fader feature on the status light. For more info on the XERC, and to view a video of it in action, visit

You can purchase the XERC 2 XE now in our shop.




LED Boards with LEDs now Available

We now have a selection of pre-soldered LED Boards with either Blue, White, or Red Surface-Mount LEDs. These boards are about 4.44" long and provide very even and bright lighting for any area. Full information can be found in our shop.




PulseVU for Wii now Available!

The PulseVU for Wii is now available in our shop for just $20. It is an internal chip that takes control of the light bar on the Nintendo Wii. It fades the lights when the console is off and pulses them with the audio when the console is on.

You can find a video of the features and a list of FAQs at
Install information is available here.




XERC 2 SE now Available

The Second Edition of our popular XERC 2 is now available for the same low price of just $19. The XERC 2 SE is a small device which allows you to turn your Xbox on and off with your remote. You can also eject and emulate long and short power presses, to enter different boot modes if you have a modchip installed. It can be configured to work with several different remotes, and you can change the button setup at any time without opening your Xbox. It also includes a bonus LED Fader feature on the status light.

You can find more information at




PulseVU for Wii

We are proud to announce the PulseVU, which is an internal chip that takes control of the light bar on the Nintendo Wii. It fades the lights when the console is off and pulses them with the audio when the console is on. The PulseVU for Wii will be on sale for just $20 by the end of the week.

You can find more information and a list of FAQs at



Size Comparison

Ever wonder just how small our devices are? From left to right we have the LED Fader 360, LED Fader Deluxe, XERC 2, PSU Converter, and the LED Board.




ATX to XBOX PSU Converter 1.0

Our ATX to XBOX PSU Converter 1.0 has been released. This device will allow you to use ATX Power Supplies to power up your Xbox version 1.0-1.5. This is a great feature for casemodders who have their Xbox in a different case, such as a PC case. You'll be able to power it up using the Xbox's power button like normal.

Along with this, we also have ATX Extenders available, so you can install the Converter without splicing the wires on the power supply. You can purchase these devices in our shop.

More info located at:




LED Fader with LED Boards

Here is a very nice video submitted by a fellow SICKmods fan, Bdan629. He used our new LED Boards for underglow and used the LED Fader Deluxe to fade all the LEDs while the Xbox is off. This is a good example of how well our devices can work together with a little creativity. Nice work, Bdan629!


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